9 Ways To Be A Fun Mum

Recently at a kids party a friend said to my husband that our little girl always looks happy, usually smiling and giggling away to herself (how nice is that?). He said we seemed really fun parents. Which is such a lovely compliment for any mum or dad to hear!

He said he sometimes finds it hard to be silly with his kids (which, we find hard to believe as he’s an awesome dad!) but we get it, not everyone has an inner five-year-old, refusing to grow up.

So here’s a few easy ideas to embrace being daft and have some fun with your baby/ kids.

1. Go camping:
I know, I know, it’s cold, damp and dark…but kids love it, they really do! You can all cosy down together and make silly faces while shining a torch around the tent. Sit around a fire and toast marshmallows (come on, who doesn’t love that?). Most of all, if you get dirty, who cares? Face planting your dinner is totally allowed when camping. OK, maybe not, but camping = messy fun.

2.) Go on bike rides:
We’ve been taking our daughter on the back of our bikes since she was five-months-old. It’s without doubt her favourite thing to do, she usually sings as she rides (so cute). You can whiz around with a picnic in your rucksack/basket without any worries of having to be somewhere at a certain time. Free and easy.


3.) Embrace in the rain:
Living in Britain this is kind of a necessity. But instead of shying away from rainy afternoons, get wrapped up and go outside. Sing, dance, run around in the rain, it’s so therapeutic and silly…it really reminds me of being a kid! You can all easily dry off afterwards or jump in the bath.

4.) Dance like a fool:
Go nuts at breakfast time, crank up the tunes and dance around your kitchen. Shake your booty (babies find any kind of twerking hilarious) and rave your ass off. Have a sing/ dance off in the car. Finger dance, holler and wiggle your tush in the driver’s seat (keeping your eyes on the road, of course!).

5. Flower power:
Let your baby/child play with flowers in your garden (even if they just want to pull the heads off!). Flowers make everyone happy, blow dandelions, make daisy chains, help them pull off petals and scatter over their feet, make petal perfume (probably not a good idea for babies).


6. Swimming:
Go swimming, everywhere. The sea, rivers, lakes, swimming pools (inside and out). I know it’s rarely sunny in the UK but after those initial 15 seconds of freezing madness…you’ll love it! Kids dig it whatever the weather.

7.) Build a den:
Build a secret hideout using blankets, boxes and pillows. Have lunch in there, or if you’re feeling extra daft sleep overnight together in your makeshift lair. We did this when our daughter was tiny and all slept over in the lounge!

8.) Do impersonations:
Create a silly story using different voices for their favourite toys, giving each toy/ teddy bear a different accent. Luckily, they’ll have no idea what a Scottish or American accent is suppose to sound like! They’ll just find you hilarious (or maybe they’re just laughing at you?), either way they’re laughing!

9.) Get on the floor:
Make time for human aeroplanes using your feet to balance them in the air, ducking and diving. Get on all fours and chase around them the house, changing directions as you go. Hours of fun. Cheap and simple!