7 Ways You Know You’re A Mum Living In Solihull

Motherhood is a funny old world. Raising children is hilarious in many ways, however, it’s fellow mummies who make the situation more amusing than you ever imagined. We’re all so different, yet have something very special and precious that unites us tightly. (OK, that’s a slight fib, a lot of the mums in Solihull are very similar, which gave me this idea.)

I’m sure there are mummy cliques everywhere… but here are 7 Ways You Know You’re A Mum Living In Solihull:

1.) You’ve witnessed a baby weaning conversation about steaming kale and rosemary-infused poached cod. You keep silent about your love of Ella’s Kitchen ready-made pouches.

2.) You’ve learnt how to say Quinoa correctly…and know exactly how to cook it. You cringe over the multiple times you didn’t pronounce it Keen-Wah (oh, come on, who knew?!)

3.) When your new mummy friends pop over for a cuppa it looks like the Secret Service/ MI5 has landed. A fleet of the most impeccably shiney, black cars you’ve ever seen. The bigger the better, it seems.

4.) You bump into every mum you know in John Lewis. All.the.time. You also know they have the best baby changing toilets in the West Midlands, possibly the UK.

5.) Although school uniform doesn’t start for years babies everywhere wear Joules, The White Company and Ralph Lauren. Boden if they’re chilling at home or hanging out at nursery.

6.) You’ve stepped foot into a breast feeding cafe and a baby sling library. Once is enough for anyone, believe me.

7.) You smile and nod along during chats about cleaners, ironing ladies and Ocado deliveries. Your once-in-a-blue moon splurge of a gardener doesn’t seem so impressive anymore.

What amusing things have you noticed in the mum circles around you?

You can read my original article for the Birmingham Mail on Solihull mums here. 

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