9 reasons to visit Drayton’s Magical Christmas

You’ll love Drayton’s Magical Christmas whether you are four-years-old or forty-four-years-old. As soon as you walk through the entrance you’ll find yourself immersed in Christmas cheer. A sea of twinkling lights, joyful festive music and the whimsical blur of the carousel. You can even see snow fall three times daily in Thomas Land – a perfect winter treat.

We had a wonderful time at Drayton’s Magical Christmas so I asked my children to tell me their favourite moments.

Here’s their top 9 reasons to visit:

1. To meet Father Christmas:

I’m putting this at No 1 as it was without doubt the highlight of the day. Two friendly elves led us to a magical looking wooden door, my son pushed it open and there sat Santa. Both children were instantly transfixed by this wonderful looking man with a big, fluffy beard and flossy white hair. He was perfectly brilliant and authentic asking our children if they eat their vegetables, go to sleep nicely and try to be as good as possible. We all left the room feeling giddy on Christmas magic.

a little boy walking up to met Father Christmas
Little girl giving Father Christmas a high five
Meeting Father Christmas' at Drayton's Magical Christmas

a family all sat with Father Christmas

2. Enjoy the rides in Thomas Land:

There are twenty-five rides to go on with festive music, live singing performances and falling snow to keep you entertained while you queue. My children’s favourite ride was definitely Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy – where you drive the planes up and down with a button. They also loved meeting Thomas.

Photo of Jeremy Jets Flying Academy at Drayton Manor
Thomas The Tank Engine Drayton Manor Park
Drayton Manor Thomas Land
Kids driving Harold Helicopter Tours at Drayton Manor

Family riding Cranky Crane Tower Drop ride at Thomas Land Drayton Manor

3. Travel to the zoo on a fairy lit train:

As the sun began to fade we boarded a very special looking Thomas to travel to the 15-acre zoo through a twinkling forest. Train and zoo in one sentence…my son couldn’t contain his excitement! Here you will find Father Christmas’ reindeers too.

Picture of Thomas the tank engine at Manor Magical Christmas

little boy waiting to board a special train to the zoo

two children looking out the window on a train

4. Watch the fireworks:

The day finished with a fabulous firework display over the lake ( 5pm during the week/ 6pm over weekend). A beautifully dressed fairy told a Christmas story using her magical wand to start the display.

Father and son watching fireworks over a lake at Drayton Manor

Little boy watching fireworks over a lake at Drayton Manor

5. Ride a fairy-tale carousel:

I don’t think the magic of a fairground carousel will ever grow old, whatever your age. We all loved riding on a merry-go-round horse, which became more magical after dark among the fairy lights.

A family of four riding the horses on the merry-go-round

Little boy and girl riding a carousel horse with their dad

6. See a giant Christmas tree:

It’s not every day you see a Christmas tree the size of a giant. I have no idea how tall an actual giant is, but I did assure both my children this tree was without doubt taller. If you can’t bend the truth at Christmas, when can you? Walking around soaking up the atmosphere including this epic 30 foot tree (which lights up at specific times) was such a lovely part of the day.

photos of two children standing in front of a 30 foot Christmas tree

7. Sit in Father Christmas’ sleigh: 

“Is this really the actual sleigh Father Christmas flies around the world in, mummy?”, asked my daughter. “Er, yes, yes of course it is!” I replied.  Alongside meeting Father Christmas this was another highlight for the little ones. A second magical moment.

Father Christmas' sleigh at Drayton's Magical Christmas
To children riding in Santa's sleigh

8. Meet a real elf: 

Whilst waiting for Father Christmas we met two very happy, very cheery elves. Both our kids stood wide-eyed as they explained how busy they were making toys for all the good girls and boys across the world.

9. Jump inside a Christmas pudding:

It’s always the little things that children love the most. Poking their heads out of a massive Christmas pudding was one of those moments. Not as much fun as meeting Father Christmas, but it somehow made it onto their list of favourite moments at Drayton Manor. Kids, hey??

A little girl poking her head out of a Christmas pudding

Little boy poking his head out of a massive Christmas pudding

So according to my two-year-old son and four-year-old daughter these are the nine reasons you should go and visit Drayton’s Magical Christmas this December.

I should quickly add there are many more exciting things you can experience such as the 4D cinema showing Ice Age’s A Mammoth Christmas, indoor ice skating and the Christmas parade at 4.30pm.

Finally, don’t think this is a day only the kids will love, Mr Jessica Loves (otherwise known as Jim) and myself had the best Sunday too! We really did, it was without doubt one of the best ways to kick start our Christmas festivities.


*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary family ticket to Drayton Manor in exchange for a review –  photos, words and opinions are 100% mine and genuine* 

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