A must have for busy mums: Cordless Shark Vacuum

If I was to give one tip to a first time mum to be it would be… find things that help save time.

It’s shocking how little time you have for yourself when you become a parent. I’ve learnt you need to find quick solutions, little life hacks that make things quicker, easier, less stressful and more streamlined.

Which brings me nicely onto the new cordless Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology vacuum cleaner. It’s a mum’s DREAM and I don’t say that lightly.

Daily life as a mum is hectic. Recently I worked in an office where you could buy extra annual leave when you ran out of holiday. How novel is that?! If only mum life worked the same, I’d be buying extra hours every day.

Which is why gadgets that make your life easier are a must. When I was asked to review a stylish Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology I quickly said; ‘Yes please!’

I’ve reviewed in bullet points and short video clips. So here goes…

  • Lugging a huge vacuum up and down the stairs is a pain in the butt, this cordless is so small and lightweight you could skip up the stairs with it (if the mood takes you).
  • You can whiz around every room in the house without swapping plug sockets when the cord is just those few extra inches too short.
  • It’s a nifty as it looks and with built in flexology it bends straight under sofas, beds and coffee tables. No need to move any furniture or even bend down, it does the hard work for you.

  • Despite being compact it’s fast, powerful and zooms around. Definitely doesn’t lack any suction.
  • It’s very neat and compact so storing is easy, it can be hidden away tidily in a small cupboard.
  • Conveniently it comes with two batteries so if one runs out mid clean, you just grab the other from the power deck and carry on.

  • The head lights on the front, which shine and illuminate the floor as you vacuum, are a great feature and makes hoovering afterdark a breeze. Anyone with kids knows you clean when you can and yep, sometimes that can be 6am or 11pm. Sigh.
  • It’s surprisingly easy to take apart and put back together again.

  • One thing I really like is if you accidentally suck up a small toy or piece of jewellery you instantly see it in the clear dust box. You can quickly open and retrieve. Gone are the days of sifting through mountains of dust trying to find one tiny ear ring.
  • Emptying the dust out takes less than 10 seconds. Walk to a bin, press one button, dust flap opens… job done.

  • The pet power brush is brilliant for anyone with cats or dogs and really removes all the fine, wispy pet hairs.
  • With just one button you can convert into a hand vacuum, which is perfect to quickly blast your staircase or the inside of your car. It still has impressive suction in this mode and is so nibble/ easy to use.

  • There are two settings, one for carpet and one for hard floor. The hard floor settings seems to actually polish wooden floors slightly at the same time. Which is a complete bonus!
  • Battery lasts roughly 45 mins depending on how much turbo suction you use

Finally, the design, feature and performance of this vacuum are superb and charging a battery is so much easier than wrangling cables. It’s so manoverable and like a rocket, you can whiz around rooms in minutes. My carpets have genuinely never looks so clean!

It’s safe to say using this vacuum actually made cleaning enjoyable and not a chore. Which, when you have a three year old and toddler to constantly clean up after, is a flipping miracle.

I would 100% recommend. If you have a mum to buy for this Christmas, get her this!

For more info check out the Shark website here. There is a Christmas discount on at the moment with prices starting at £279.99.


*Disclaimer – I was given a Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum cleaner for review. All photos, words and thoughts are 100% mine and honest *


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