Crushing on Birmingham…

Birmingham is beautiful and buzzing:
– It has more Michelin starred restaurants than any city outside London.
– It’s home to Cadbury’s Chocolate, the best chocolate in the world, ever.
– It has more miles of canal than Venice
– More parks than any other European city
– Nearly 40% of the population is made up of under 25-year-olds (basically it parties like Kate Moss)
– Maccy D’s is open on Christmas Day
– Gangster heartthrob Cillian Murphy’s made the accent sexy. Fact.

As well as all the above, Birmingham has strong Pinterest game – wowing eyes everywhere on social media. It’s beauty is diverse and enchanting. Here are my Top 10 photos of Birmingham on Pinterest.

1. The Mighty Council House

Birmingham Council House - Paul Turner Flickr

In the heart of Birmingham city centre the Council House is a beautiful Grade II listed building.
(via Andrew Marsh)

2. Canal Cruising

canal side via  Gemma Lowe Pintrest

The canal stretching from Brindley Place down to the Mailbox passes infamous boozer the Tap and Spile built in 1821.
(via Gemma Lowe)

3. Graffiti House, Digbeth

Graffiti House, Andover Street, Digbeth,Neil Hughes Pintrest

Public art spills onto the back streets of spirited Digbeth, vibrant roadside murals, canalside art and even a whole house covered in graffiti.
(via Neil Hughes)

4.   The Lickey Hills

a carpet of bluebells on hte LIckey Hills photo credit Deborah Ruston Pintrest

A carpet of blue bells stuns walkers daily during springtime in the Lickey Hills Country Park.
(via Deborah Ruston)

5. The Infamous German Market

Frankfurt Christmas Market posted on Pintrest by Joules

The Frankfurt Christmas market (the largest market outside of Germany) in it’s full glory lit up at night.
(via Joules)

6. Foodie Heaven At San Carlo

Stunning dish at San Carlo Birmingham Living magazine

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gourmet hotspots but Italian eatery San Carlo is a good place to start, and to celeb spot.
(via Birmingham Living)

7. Cherry Blossom in Oozells Square

Outside cafe under Cherry Blossom oozells square via Rubicon Consulting

You know summers on its way when the cherry blossom blooms outside the Ikon Gallery, in Oozells Square.
(via Rubicon Consulting)

8. The Notorious Bull

The Bull credit Edit Digital Pintrest

The iconic bronze sculpture is a famous tourist hotspot, don’t ya know. The Bullring Bull is listed as one of the world’s top ten public art works – alongside New York’s Statue of Liberty and Michelangelo’s David.
(via Edit Digital)

9. Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden vai Pinterest Kate Cavalier

There are bluebells and rose gardens galore at the beautiful Winterbourne botanic gardens. A hidden gem only minutes from the city centre.
(via Kate Cavalier)

10. Street Food Heroes – Low ‘n’ Slow

18hr hickory smoked pulled pork bun from low and slow and 49 other places to eat in Birmingham.Kate Forman

Digbeth Dining Club has put Birmingham on the street food map. This 18 hour hickory-smoked, pulled pork bun from Low ‘n’ Slow is the Daddy of street food.
(via Kate Forman)

Technically Warwick Castle is not in Birmingham, but it’s without doubt a plus point when visiting Birmingham. One of the most beautiful castles in the world. So cool, it’s even built by William the Conqueror.

Warwick Castle via Sian Cole Pintrerst

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