How to rescue your new-mum love life

Endless research claims having a baby ruins your love life. It may be temporary but post-childbirth you ain’t gonna feel at your sexual peak. Scientific boffs reveal mums are worn out (yep), a few pounds over weight (sob) and stuck in a ‘bed is for catching up on sleep’ rut (hell yeah).

Everything goes a bit crazy in our house before bedtime. Cleaning and preparing milk bottles for the next day (with an extra one for that unpredictable 3am feed – uuurgh!), retrieving scattered toys from every room/ floor/ bed, loading the dishwasher, finding the cat, gathering laundry from various places it shouldn’t be, getting my daughter’s food/ clothes ready for the next day…etc.

After all these mum chores I crawl into bed, muttering unachievable wishes of having a lie in. How can you squeeze hanky-panky into that scenario?

Changing your mindset. That how. Changing how your body feels and by increasing your energy levels. A fitness professional told me Anti Gravity Yoga could rescue anyone’s fading love life, increase sexual health/ libedo, relieve stress and rebuild your emotional system. It also strengthens the neural connections related to memory and intelligence, in other words… banishes ‘baby brain’ (hurrah!).

With all this in mind I went on my merry way to Virgin Active in Aldersgate to try out Anti Gravtiy Yoga. When I turned up everyone was already caccooned, hidden in their red hammocks, suspended in the air, floating serenely.


A ladder was quickly brought over to my hammock pod, swinging gently in the air. It was adjusted so the bottom hung parallel to my hips. I was told to put my arms around the hammock and jump in. Just like that. So off I went, with a mix of bewilderment, nerves but mostly excitment.

The class started with a few moments of meditation and relaxation. We then glided though a mix of yoga moves, which instantly felt amazing using the hammock to deeply stretch into each pose. The flying silk made it much easier to travel and flow freely between positions. Downward dogs, standing poses, inversions and balancing postures all felt more liberating than usual. I could feel my upper body and core working hard to try and stay balanced between the silk.


Using the cacoon to do headstands and handstands made them much easier, so we spent quite a bit of time hanging upside. This made me feel really clear headed afterwards.


So how can Anti Gravity Yoga re-energise your sex life?
Our teacher Helen Russell told me: “It really gets into your hips and opens them up. It makes you feel good, leaner and sexier. Hanging upside down eases tension from your spine, it refreshes you body’s systems and helps blood flow meaning you’ll walk out a little bit taller. It also helps release endorphins, meaning you will leave the class feeling happier than when you walked in.”


The class was amazing, I really, really enjoyed it. There were moments, mainly when we were hanging upside down, that I felt dizzy and I experienced a bit of motion sickness when we were swinging back and forth. However, Helen assured me these uncomfortable moments would pass quickly, after a few sessions.

Anti-Gravity Yoga-002

Where: Virgin Active Aldersgate
How long: 50 minutes
What it felt like: A whole new world of wellbeing. After the class I couldn’t stop smiling, I had an unstoppable, electric grin on my face. A complete energy buzz (suppose hanging upside down for too long does that to you!)
Would I recommend: Yep, after just one class I felt totally hooked. A great way to tone up and de-stress. It was also a lot of fun.


*Disclaimer: I was invited by Virgin Active to trial Anti Gravity Yoga but was not obliged to review for Jessica Loves.*

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