Never heard of Lifestyle Wall?

Last week I went to London to meet TV star George Clarke from Ch 4’s The Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces. The architect and hottie (who knew?!) was in town to show a group of bloggers, including me, an innovative new product call Lifestyle Wall by British Gypsum’s Rooms Made For You.

Lifestyle Wall Hallway

Last year my husband and I did a full house renovation so I’m pretty handy with a screwdriver and an electric drill. One thing I definitely know is putting up shelves and really heavy mirrors can be a right faff. In fact, our lounge mirror is so heavy it’s still sat on our fireplace after falling down mid renovaton. 13 months later it’s on our Maybe We’ll Get Round To It One Day list.

Lifestyle Wall Kitchen

This new product by British Gypsum is a plaster of wonder, a mysterious, magical product, OK, I’m getting carried away but honestly it’s really flipping good. Forget raw plugs, drills, flimsy walls that might, or might not, take the strain. Without getting too technical Lifestyle Wall is a revolutionary, new plasterboard which is five times stronger than the standard, it can hold up to 15kg on one single screw. George thinks it’s a “game changer” in the interiors world. I think it’s a pretty amazing concept.


There’s no fuss, no begging hubby to get the drill set out again and no dustpan and brush for that red dust which ALWAYS goes all over your new carpet! We live in a world where we want things done easily, quickly and with minimal effort. This fits the bill.

You can now hang TVs, bikes, heavy shelving units on your home walls without worrying about them randomly falling off after a few days/ months. Leaving unsightly holes, which inevitably get covered with filler and never sorted. Come on, surely we’re not the only lazy people who do that?

I’m sure this product will exceed your expectations, I couldn’t really believe it when George hung a massive 20kg weight from a single screw.


For more information about Lifestyle Wall, technical info, where to buy it, pricing etc. visit the site HERE.

To read my interview with George and get the low down on his interior inspirations, trends for 2016,  OCD making his home spotless, why he’ll never do reality TV and builders who shop at Waitrose… click HERE.


*This post was sponsored by British Gypsum.  All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own and 100% honest*

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