Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2014

To highlight Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2014 I interviewed former anorexic Laura Jones, who was brave enough to share her story.

28-year-old Laura almost died trying to get the perfect celebrity beach body. She became obsessed with new celebrity trends like the Thigh Gap and Bikini Bridge – made famous by celebrities posing in bikini photos.

The ‘thigh gap’, which started with catwalk models, encourages impressionable girls to get their legs so thin that they didn’t touch above the knees. Soon followed the ‘bikini bridge’, a beach social media craze where bikini bottoms don’t touch your stomach as you lie down, suspended between two protruding hipbones.

Cara Delevingne was the catalyst for the Thigh Gap trend

The Bikini Bridge soon became a massive social media faze

After battling anorexia for seven years Laura from south-east London worries about these pro-anorexia fads. “The bikini bridge is so unhealthy and shouldn’t be glamourised”, she explains. “Girls posing with their bones sticking out in bikinis using thinspiration hashtags and selfies send such a bad message. It’s too readily available for young girls. These celebrity photos put pressure on girls to diet to an extreme.”

Laura was so obsessed with getting a celebrity bikini body she starved herself and worked out frantically.

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**Eating disorder charity Beat’s helpline is 0845 634 1414, or email