Part 1: Goodbye London, hello Jamaica

Excitement woke me up two hours before my alarm this morning.
Setting my alarm at 7.20am on a Saturday was already worryingly early. (I’m a lie in bed until noon kinda girl).
However 5.30am me and my boyfriend Jimmy were wide awake charged with excitement about our Caribbean adventure.
We got to Gatwick an hour before the flight, slightly panicking. But still like excitable kids on a school trip.
We completely underestimated how long it would take to get to airport, then took too long buying books\ snacks. The usual capers. Most of our friends know how useless we are at being on time and organised. A couple of glasses of red wine into the flight it started getting really rowdy on the back three rows.
A group of Irish friends, about 12, were getting stuck into the free booze. Shouting, swearing, cackling, jumping over chairs, pushing each other.
All the surrounding seats were now empty as everyone had asked to be moved. One elderly lady looked like she was going to cry. Thirty minutes later the pilot announced someone had been smoking in the toilet and put the whole flight in danger. People were panicking and getting angry.
Police will now be waiting when we arrive in Montego Bay.
Moment later alcohol is banned as everyone’s to rowdy. There’s still five hours to go.

We arrived at airport, get escorted into a VIP Sandals lounge, our bags are taken away and replaced with two ice cold Red Stripes and we’re told our chauffeur will be ten minutes. Our chauffeur arrived, tells us to get two more beers and get in the back. Two minutes into the drive he says, “so you guys wanna smoke back there? You wanna buy some weed? Everyone in Jamaica has a smoke, put a smile on your face. You’re here to have fun.” It’s obvious, instantly, we’re gonna love this holiday.

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