How long does it REALLY take to plan a wedding?

From the moment your handsome fella proposes how long on average do you think it takes to plan a wedding? Couple of months? A year? Longer?

Below is an article I wrote for the April issue of Wedding Ideas magazine giving advice to brides on ordering your dress, sending invites, booking a photographer, timings for speeches, booking a church, ordering your rings, finding the perfect florist etc etc…

When I started planning my wedding I honestly had no idea how long things would take. I thought getting a dress would be simple, so was shocked when the designer said it would take “at least 6-8months to get it delivered and tailored to fit.” Oh.

Another hurdle came when we finally chose a wedding photographer we both loved.  He was fully booked. For the rest of the year. He told us: “some brides book me 18 months in advance.” Our six month planning window now looked a bit pathetic.

And unless you want to get married on a random Friday in March, you should definitely leave enough time to visit wedding venues. Luckily, we got married in my parent’s garden, so didn’t have to stress to much when we found out our local  wedding venues were already pre-booked for most of the summer.

However, planning a wedding is so much fun and shouldn’t be stressful. I genuinely really miss all the excitement of choosing, ordering, making and organising everything.
Happy planning!

Jess x


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