Tresco, Isles of Scilly – Honeymoon hideaway

Looking for a magical honeymoon hotspot but don’t fancy the faff that comes with trekking half-way across the globe in search of somewhere special?
If so, Tresco Island on the Isle of Scilly should be top of your honeymoon hot list. It has everything you need for a romantic holiday – sunshine, mellow ambience, secluded beaches and an abundance of style and luxury.

Moments after stepping foot on Tresco you’ll quickly realise the whispers of it being like a Caribbean island are true. It’s un-spoilt beauty, crystal blue waters, gorgeous white sandy beaches and glorious sunshine make it feel like a far-flung tropical island. So peaceful and laid-back with no cars allowed, just calming sounds of waves gently crashing, birds softly tweeting and the occasional low roar of a tractor or whirring golf buggy dropping guests to their accommodation. It’s the perfect romantic hide out.
I know you’ll find it hard to believe me, after all, it’s off the coast of England, but honestly it really does have the beauty and mystery of a Caribbean haven. How somewhere so close to England can be so tropical and simply stunning is a mystery. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Time seems to stop on Tresco as it’s so peaceful and tranquil. The laid-back vibe makes it easy to switch off from normal life. No cars, no fuss, no clock-watching, no mobile phone signal. Within minutes of arriving you’ll forget about normality, time has little purpose on this secluded bolt hole. (Don’t panic you can get wifi everywhere on the island if the thought of not having social media at your finger tips gives you palpitations).
Despite the no car rule getting around is easy. We hired bicycles but you can walk the 2 ½ mile island with ease. Abbey Gardens is a must see – a floral utopia. A jaw-dropping tropical garden with over 300 plants from 80 different countries.

Finally, forget frustrating airport queues, travelling to Tresco is where your holiday fun and romance begins. We flew on the Skybus from Newquay airport – a 30-minute journey with just 10 other guests and a dog! Then boarded a boat to whiz across the sea from St Mary’s island to Tresco and finally into a golf buggy to get to our cottage. The James Bond-esque adventure is quick, hassle-free and fun. Air, sea and land to a secret island.

You can read my full Tresco honeymoon travel review in this month’s Wedding Ideas magazine on the shelves now – and also below:

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