VW campervan adventure – part two

On three day we decided to hang out along the coast south of St Leonards Cove.
We popped up the campervan’s back door and sat, staring out at the sea, eating a picnic and sunbathing.

Chilling out in Ordell having a picnic


A little beach near St Leonard Cove

For the third night we decided to drive across Devondown the picturesque coast line, trundling through the narrow, hedge-lined, country lanes to Hartland Point.
As the sun started to set we were blissfully blasting out some of our favorite tunes from the likes of The Pieces, Ed Sheeran and The Drums – perfect coasting, crusing music.

The sun setting on the way to Stoke Barton

We were told Stoke Barton Farm was off the beaten track, very rustic and the perfect place to go to escape everything.

Despite knowing this we were quite shocked when we arrived at the farm. There were 500 acres of land.
Green rolling fields for as far as we could see.
There were no lamp posts or lights, so we knew it was going to be pitch black at night.
Good job we packed a torch. We parked up and lit a roaring fire.
We sat out drinking and chatting with nothing but the florescent night sky to entertain us, I’ve never seen so many twinkling stars.
It was like a sitting under a canopy of a hand-painted night sky, thousands sparkling in every direction.
We woke up really early, refreshed and eager to check out the area,
So set off for a long coastal walk down to the Quarry.

coastal walk along the rough and rugged Quarry

To hire a campervan from O’Connors Campers check out their webiste here or call 01937 659 599.

*our 4 berth 1972 campervan Ordell was given to us free of charge, in return for a travel feature in OK! Extra magazine.

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