Regis Smartbond – the latest hair must have

I’ve realised recently I hide behind my hair, quite a lot. I think most girls with long hair can relate to that?  I twiddle and mess with it when I’m deep in concentration, feeling nervous or under pressure at work.

I always thought I’d have one of those fancy ‘mum bobs’, after having children, easy to maintain and super quick to blow dry. However, the thought of chopping it all off scares the hell out of me.

So you’d think I’d make an effort to keep it in good condition, sorting out my tatty ends once in a while. I’ve had a dip-dye for over five years, gradually having more and more bleach on the ends, I’ve also dallied with highlights, ombre, balayage, basically as soon as I slightly lightened it, I wanted more.

After a few holidays in the sunshine my hair was feeling more Worzel Gummidge than yummy mummy. Uuurgh, I hate that phrase, but you know what I mean.

So when my local Regis UK salon in Solihull got intouch to see if I wanted to try their new Smartbond colour treatment I excitedly said, “Yes, please”. Everyone loves a day out at the salon, right? Especially if, like me, you normally get your hair cut at home with two small menaces hanging off your legs.

So what is Smartbond?

Simply explained it’s a new treatment that protects and strengthens hair that’s been dyed or bleached. Repairing it back to it’s normal condition.

Forty eight hours before the treatment I was asked to visit a Regis salon for a quick colour test to make sure I didn’t have any reaction to the treatment/ products.

Unfortunately, the day before my appointment my stylist at the Solihull salon was taken ill. I was offered a different appointment the following week, but as I was going on holiday that weekend (Barcelona for four days with my girl friends, whoop!) they found me an appointment in the Regis Hair and Beauty salon in Birmingham instead. Which suited me perfectly. I rarely go into Birmingham so it was a brilliant excuse to visit.

The salon address is 25 Corporation Street, Birmingham,  B2 4LS and lies across two floors. I was taken upstairs to the second floor where they have a beauty salon offering facials, waxing, massages etc as well.

To start I had a consultation with my stylist Elise, who was lovely, we agreed to re-touch my roots matching the previous colour, hiding any grey hairs (ahhhh!) and apply a warmer toner across the rest of my hair to neutralise my battered, blonde dip-dye/ ombre. I was looking forward to getting rid of my scruffy ends and finally having a more subtle colour, that looked healthy and glossy. I also agree to have a good inch or so cut off the ends.

She talked me through the Smartbond process explaining that when you dye your hair the bonds get damaged, weakening each strand, making it prone to snapping, split ends and dryness. Smartbond has been designed to protect the bonds, preventing all the above happening during the colouring process.

Elise told me there were two simple steps involved: Firstly, she would mix the Smartbond treatment into my normal colour and apply both together at the same time. Secondly, after rinsing all the dye from my hair, she would apply a pre-shampoo treatment, leave it to work it’s magic for ten minutes and then shampoo, condition and rinse as normal.

Despite feeling a little bit cautious about having my hair done at a different salon (how silly is that?) and with a different hairdresser (again, quite ridiculous, I know)… I absolutely LOVED it.

I mean, really loved it. More than I expected. My hair looked glossy, really healthy and rich in colour. It felt soft and well conditioned. For the first time in years it was shiny. Woo hoo! The cut was brilliant too, I always think you can tell how good a haircut is when you wash and blow dry it yourself. Three weeks later it still looks really healthy and the cut still sits perfectly.

Friends and work colleagues have all commented on how glossy my hair looks, even my husband noticed, without me having to prompt him!

I am genuinely so pleased with how my hair looks and feels and would definitely recommend Regis and Smartbond to anyone.

So how much does it cost?

The Smartbond treatment is now available at all Regis salons in the UK and only costs £5 when you have it with a standard colour treatment. You can pay £15 to have it without a colour treatment if this suits you better. My colour (root coverup and toner) cost £50 and the cut and blow dry cost £44.

All in all my colour, toner, Smartbond treatment, cut and blow dry cost £99

Considering how inexpensive the Smartbond treatment is and how much of a difference it has genuinely made to my hair, I think everyone should book in for it immediately 🙂

Thank you Regis, I couldn’t be happier. Same time next month? If only, hey.

For more information on Regis Salons and the Smartbond treatment click here.

Three things I loved about this Birmingham Regis salon:

  • They sell Kerastase hair products, my absolute favourite brand of shampoo and conditioner. I normally use the Kerastase Nutritive range but decided to go wild and try something new. I brought the Reflection shampoo/ conditioner and have been using it for three weeks now, I’m really impressed.
  • They are open 7 days a week. Which means you can get your hair cut on a Sunday, which for working mums like me is a dream! Ditch the kids with the husband and off you go… (they also do late night Thurs and Fri until 8pm)
  • The salon is on Corporation Street and in a brilliant location, surrounded by clothes shops. One of my favourites Urban Outfitters is right next door and Jack Wills, Reiss and Grand Central are just around the corner.

My stylist was lovely and I’m still raving to friends about the colour and cut. Thank you Elise.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary colour and Smartbond treatment in exchange for a rewiew. All thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% honest.


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