The best hotel in Ibiza. Go now… if not sooner.

The best hotel in Ibiza. Go now… if not sooner. Image

Has anyone else completely forgotten what it feels like to spring out of bed with that excited feeling of a whole day lounging around in the sun?
Happy vibes, summer sunshine and outdoors fun feels like a long-lost memory. The winter/ spring months always seem to drag on that much longer than the fun-filled summer ones. Oh well, only another few to go.

Last summer I went to my favourite nearby holiday hot spot – Ibiza, to write a travel feature for Wedding Ideas Magazine  on the perfect honeymoon destination. As a recent honeymooner myself – for a short haul mini-moon – Ibiza has it all. Glamour, romance, fun and skinny-dipping!

I would highly recommend staying at The Ushuaia Tower to anyone who wants to kick back and enjoy world-class food and high-end romance.

As a chilled out newly wed you may prefer to stay away from notorious beaches where party-goers carry on dancing, in the sand, from the night before. Ushuaia Tower has it’s own gorgeous, secluded sandy beach. It’s the perfect hideaway for honeymooners in search of a fun as well as romance.


Ibiza travel feature

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The private beach was amazing. Full of four-poster, cabana-style sun beds and a wooden walk-way from the beach restaurant all the way to the sea. The sand was scorching hot on your feet, so this was a God send.

From our hotel room balcony, which had a private hot tub on it (perfect for late night star gazing), we could over look the pool and also the palm tree lined beach.

Sunny days lounging around pool side. Where there is a cocktail/ champagne bar, as well as an oyster bar.

Lunch on the beach at Ushuaia beach bar and restaurant. Fresh lobster….my favourite!

One of the many hotel suites. They all come with a walk-in rain forest shower, a huge plasma TV, fully stocked cocktail bar and a hot tub on the balcony.

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