Top 10 beauty dilemmas solved

We all know Mother Nature can strike at the worst times. Waking up with a huge spot on your wedding day. Having an embarrassing self-tan disaster hours before a first date. Huge dark circles under your eyes on the morning of a job interview. These beauty woes happen to the best of us, all the time. With the help of two skilled beauty experts I have the answers to any beauty dilemma thrown at you.


Jules Heptonstall:
Jules is an inspirational beauty blogger Jules Von Hep and Global Tanning Expert for St. Tropez where he’s worked with Sienna Miller, Blake Lively and Poppy Delevigne. Jules often gets Claudia Winkleman and Sara Cox red carpet ready. I flipping love The Winkle and Coxy… who doesn’t?


Laura Boland - Glam Ibiza

Laura Boland:
Laura is an uber glamorous Skin Specialist & Beauty Therapist. She is the founder of – a luxury beauty service available to hire in your Ibiza villa, apartment, hotel or home. Laura has an impressive client base of worldwide celebrities, UK TV stars, members of royal families and Hollywood brides.


Beauty Dilemmas Solved

1.) A tan disaster. Jules advises: “Always have your tan three days before any event so the colour will have settled perfectly, if you do have a tan disaster there’s time for it to fade. Make sure your hands, elbows, knees and feet are moisturised before your tan is applied. If it’s too dark don’t panic scrub, either go swimming or have frequent hot showers using a light body polish to help it fade all over.”

2.) Sudden heat rash. Laura suggests: “Your first port of call for heat rash is Calamine lotion, that will constrict blood vessels and reduce redness. Make sure you remove yourself from hot rooms and keep skin clear of fabric for as long as possible as this may further irritate the rash. It may be a good idea to take an Antihistamine but check the brand instructions for safe usage, some may cause drowsiness.”

3.) A nasty spot. Jules says: “It’s better to prevent than to pop. Any clay based masks will draw out impurities so use them two weeks before an event if you’re not having facials, my favourite is 5 Minute Thermal Detox by Sanctuary Spa. Try not to drink alcohol two weeks before but drink plenty of water and enjoy a few saunas to sweat out impurities. If a spot does occur don’t squeeze unless it’s absolutely ready and conceal use a darker concealer as a lighter one will only highlight it more.

4.) Dark undereye circles. Laura advises, “Invest in a good quality eye cream in the lead up to any big event and store in a cool place. Look for products containing Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palitoyl Tetrapeptide this tightens skin tissues helping to prevent capillary leakage, which can cause dark discolouration. To conceal dark circles on the day apply concealer with a short stipple brush in light layers right up to the lash line and into the inner corner of the eye. Apply a second fine layer if needed and set with a yellow toned powder. Yellow helps neutralise the purple tones of the darker skin.”

5.) Oily, shiny looking skin. Jules says: “A shiny t-zone can happen to us all, especially if your skin isn’t used to wearing make up. Carry a pressed blot powder to soak up shine just before photos. Choose a translucent one so your make up isn’t affected with any additional colour. Dust over your face with a brush or press lightly with a puff. My favourite is MAC Pressed Blot Powder.”

6.) Dull looking lifeless skin. Laura suggests: “A light, beaded exfoliant in the morning will ensure the millions of dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin are sloughed away to reveal a brighter, smoother surface. A brightening moisturiser with ingredients such as White Tea, a natural antioxidant will help control oxidation and illuminate skin.”

 7.) Sliding make-up. Jules says, “This can happen all over the face if the right primer and foundation isn’t used. Silicon-based primers are more robust than water based ones which tend to soak up sweat. Liquid based foundations as opposed to powder-based foundations can also slide if you suffer with oily skin. Bare Minerals do wonderful, sheer powder foundations that look incredibly natural and tend to stay put.”

8.) Chipped nail polish. Laura recommends: “Don’t panic! Ask a bridesmaid or work colleague to moisten their fingertip with nail polish remover and slowly smooth their finger over the chipped area. They may need to do this several times until the chipped area becomes smudgy and tacky. Then apply a coat of polish over the chipped area, and then a very light coat over the whole nail. Smoothing polish remover over the chipped area blends out any ridges allowing you to repaint with a smooth finish.”

9.) Bad hair day. Jules advises: “Don’t wash your hair the morning of any big event, you need texture if your hair is to stay in place. Pack a mini hairspray. If it’s for a wedding tell your hairdresser if you’re a big fan of dancing so they can make sure it doesn’t move. Be prepared and watch some YouTube tutorials before hand and practice at home on yourself so if your hair starts to fall out you’ll have a back up plan.”

10.) Dry, chapped lips. Laura says, “Regardless of which lip product you choose to wear on the day, it’s important to ensure your lips are correctly prepared. Mix your own gentle exfoliant using sugar, olive oil and honey. Massage into your lips for a minute then apply a lip balm, or use coconut or sweet almond oil. This will ensure your chosen lip product covers the lips smoothly and doesn’t crack.”

Here’s the full article I wrote for this month’s Wedding Ideas magazine.



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