Wanna wake up in a 5 star hotel… every morning?

Wanna wake up in a 5 star hotel… every morning? Image

Everyone loves that smug feeling you get when you wake up in a 5 star hotel after a great night sleep. Their luxurious beds leave you completely recharged and happy. Well, it seems Australian sleep gurus Sleeping Duck have recreated that feeling with their new  mattress The Titan (valued at up to £649).

Two months ago I was asked to take part in Sleeping Duck’s 100 Day Sleep Challenge as they launched the mattress in the UK. They asked me to road test The Titan (which allows you to adjust the firmness and warmth whenever you want) and keep a sleep diary.


I’m over half way through and already very impressed with my new bed and more excitedly, with my new sleep partner (more on this in my video later). Sleeping Duck are so confident in their revolutionary mattresses they offer all customers (not just us lucky bloggers) a 100 day trial and then a full refund if they’re not happy. There’s no way I’ll be giving this mattresses back! Just getting that out there now.

To find out why I now wake up feeling like a celebrity check out my video below:

Watch on Youtube: 100 Day Sleeping Duck challenge – Part 2 

Finally after over a year of sleeping in separate rooms my husband and I are sharing a bed and… getting a fantastic nights sleep. Below are a few reasons how this happened and why we’re really impressed:

1.) We’re not waking each other up during the night when/ if we move around and fidget
2.) It’s stopped my husband snoring – yes, seriously. We have no idea how!
3.) It’s really comfy and warm
4.) It moulds to your body making you feel super snug
5.) It feels really luxurious and expensive

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