Which baby carrier should I buy? Ergobaby: A review

As I run in late, as usual, to yet another baby play group I’m surprised how many mums comment on me carrying Barnaby in a baby carrier. “You’ve got more energy than me”, said one, which anyone with a four-month-old baby knows is the last thing you have! “My son is so heavy, there’s no way I could be bothered with that,” commented another.

However, as the months go by my new mum friends get used to me arriving, week after week, without a pushchair or car seat in hand, just my baby strapped to me.

I’m a big fan of baby carriers, here’s what I love about them:

1.) The lovely maternal bond you feel as you walk around with your baby so close, each keeping each other warm.
2.) You can hold both of their little hands as you snuggle tight during long walks and trips out.
3.) They’re very practical leaving you with two hands free, which is rare when babies are involved. You can do the washing up, brush your hair, put your makeup on, sign a bill/ playgroup register etc.
4.) It’s a great way of soothing babies if they’re under the weather or need some comfort drifting off to sleep.
5.) It allows you to be sociable and get out and about without having to worry if there’s room for you and a bulky pushchair.
6.) It’s fun – for both of you. Who doesn’t love cuddling and kissing their soft-haired little treasure. It’s fun for the baby too as they’re at other adult’s eye level so can interact and experience life more.

7.) You don’t have to try and sneakily transfer them if they fall asleep, you can just go about your business and let them snooze happily attached to you.
8.) A perfect invention for Halloween parties/ Bonfire night. You can strap them on you and party all night. OK, that’s a lie, but you can have a bonus hour after-dark when people with pushchair have gone home as it’s too dark or too muddy.
9.) They’re easy to store, I can fold mine up into my handbag and just quickly pop under my coat as soon as I need it.
10.) Manovering chunky pushchairs around shops and restaurants can be frustrating. This is without doubt an easy, slimline alternative.
11.) A healthy way to just relax together, connect, be in sync and simply enjoy a country stroll.
12.) Clever research boffins say babies in carriers are happier as they cry/ fuss less so are calm and content. They love the warmth and security of being held close.

All that said I completely understand why some mums don’t like baby wearing. However, there is genuinely only one negative thing I’ve experienced. Sometimes after carrying my baby for a lengthy period of time my lower back starts to ache.

This is where the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier comes into play. It is the first carrier I’ve used that hasn’t hurt my back as my baby has grown heavier and older. Not even a twinge. Honestly.

This new carrier from Ergobaby has three different seat width settings to support babies correctly at every stage – from newborn to toddlers (0-48 months). It’s been certified as safe for babies hips too. There are three different carrying positions for parents front (facing you), on your hip or on your back. There is also a hood (which is tucked away) to use if your baby falls asleep and needs privacy, to shelter from the sun or to use while breastfeeding.

We recently went on a long walk around the grounds of our local National Trust property – Packwood House. It was December, cold, windy and probably not the best day to be outside. But the sun was out and like us, the little guy needed a change of scene and some fresh air. As soon as I put him in the carrier and grabbed his hands he beamed from ear-to-ear. We even managed to finish our walk as the sun was setting behind us. A magical end to a fabulous weekend.

My advice for anyone wanting to try out a carrier for the first time is ask other mums/dads to let you quickly road-test theirs. Or go into John Lewis and try a variety of styles. You need to choose the one that works best for you (height, comfort, ease of getting on and adjusting).

The Ergobaby Adapt Carrier costs £109.90 and is available from John Lewis.


* Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ergobaby – all thoughts,
opinions and photos are my own and 100% honest *

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